KaQiLa is a revolutionary rib exercise method comprising a series of movements that feature in over 500 different kata (forms). With a focus on the roles and potential of the ribs, which are highly involved in smooth bodily movements and various physical symptoms as they move together with the vertebral column (spine), this hugely popular Japanese health exercise program allows anyone to easily and effectively move their ribs and the large and small joints around them. KaQiLa's unique kata allow anyone to enjoy exercising easily and stylishly, and all it takes is just one session to gain a feeling of functional improvement.




KaQiLa is perfect for:

KaQiLa is perfect for:

Stiff shoulders

lower back pain

stiff lower back

shoulder pain

knee pain

bodily fatigue

poor fitness

Other physical ailments,
strains, and pains

650,000 lessons taken yearly , 9 years in service , 250 certified instructors in Japan

Why People in Japan Love Kaquila?

It's for everyone to enjoy. It doesn't matter what your age or gender is,whether or not you have stiff muscles, if you're are an athlete or not, or if you have physical pain or a disability.

It takes only one lesson to start feeling benefits for your body!

It's a very dramatic Japanese form of exercise!

The kata (forms)
look cool!

The music is

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Charismatic health instructor and creator of the KaQiLa rib movement systematic exercise method.

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