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"After the lesson, I was able to touch my toes!!"

I've just finished my first KaQiLa session.
Simply put, KaQiLa is a rib exercise.
Before the session, I thought, "How can you exercise your ribs??"
I drank hydrogen water and checked my physical condition before starting!
I can't touch my toes??
They seem so far away...
My body's too stiff?
The way I raise my arms seems painful?
Can this be right?

Then, when I started doing the exercises slowly under the lead of Ms. Shino, there was this moment where I felt something blocking my hip joint just pop off.
So strange!

After the exercise, I was able to touch my toes really easily.
My hip joint moves so smoothly now, and my whole body feels light!

I'll try to master what I've learned today so that I can continue doing these exercises.
Thanks so much!

"S", Tokyo

My bad hip joint now moves smoothly.

In my class, I always start by warming up with KaQiLa exercises. In the second half, I do yoga poses while checking the condition of my body so that I won't push myself too much.
Recently, at the start of class, I felt a cramp in the muscle running from my neck to my shoulder and felt like I couldn't move properly. When I started KaQiLa as a warm-up, I felt my body warming up and I started to move more easily.
I used to feel some resistance when moving my hip joints after the summer had passed, but that feeling was completely gone by the end of January. I was so happy that I ran to tell my instructor right away!!

"Anonymous", female