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Rib movement exercise Sit-Down KaQiLa:

What is Sit-Down KaQiLa?

As its name suggests, it is KaQiLa performed while sitting down on folding chairs and other kinds of chairs.
If you have stiff muscles, think you're not good at sports (exercise), don't want to change clothing to exercise, can't sit cross-legged, or find it hard to assume certain positions, this is for you! There's no stress involved - you don't need to strain yourself to do Sit-Down KaQiLa. You can also feel the benefits immediately! This popular method is the hottest KaQiLa exercise program variation.

With no space or yoga mats necessary, it's a popular choice among office workers!
Since you can do it while sitting on a chair, you don't need a yoga mat or even a space large enough to spread out a yoga mat. You can easily practice in offices or conference rooms. This exercise is recommended as a tool for maintaining and promoting employees' physical and mental health.

KaQiLa Ce-rr-lus:

What is KaQiLa Ce-rr-lus?

Coined from the words "Cell," "Resistance," "Reborn," and "Stimulus," Ce-rr-lus is a variation of the KaQiLa method created in response to the needs of men, athletes, and those who seek a higher sense of achievement or benefits.
Unlike the original rib exercise KaQiLa, this variation pays attention to and stimulates everything - not only the muscles, but even down to the tiniest "cells" - in order to adjust any distortions in the body.
By enhancing muscle control and promoting better circulation of the blood, participants can gain a stronger sense of achievement and marvelous training effects starting from inside the body.
This unisex exercise method is for men, athletes, and also women who seek a greater sense of achievement.

Athlete Body Care KaQiLa:

What is Athlete Body Care KaQiLa?

This KaQiLa method dramatically limber ups the spine by skillfully manipulating the ribs.
Throughout the process, the spine is rotated in a "spiral" movement from many different angles and wonderfully straightened out through moderate stimulation of each region.
Because the KaQiLa method makes the body's rotation on its axis surprisingly smooth, it is perfect for sports where rotation of the body directly affects performance, such as golf, tennis, baseball, and skating.
This method is highly beneficial for athletes, since they seek maximum effects with minimum stress (risk) while maintaining their body axis.

Taking good care of the core by moving the joints and ribs that govern the entire body's muscular activities is the most important thing for athletes in "building and maintaining a trouble-free body, and the KaQiLa method is absolutely ideal for achieving this.

Golf, track and field, baseball, tennis, figure skating, badminton, skiing, and every other sport