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Benefits for Your Health Club

The KaQiLa free trial workshop/lesson will give you the following benefits...

  • Members (and non-members alike) seek stylish and fun programs.
  • They seek programs and instructions that have greater effects on their bodies.
  • They look for opportunities to join exercise programs that they can enjoy and perform with ease, even though they are not good at exercise, have low flexibility, or are not confident in themselves.
  • There are always some members who show interest in exercise programs that are created in Japan and have popularity there.

  • Higher brand prestige of your club as the provider of a popular program from Japan
  • Additional sales promotion tools for your club
  • Additional sales promotion tools for your club
  • Support for creating an image of a club/company working on development of highly specialized exercise instructors
  • First-mover advantage when KaQiLa achieves high recognition in your country
  • Support for generation of additional sales by offering the training course