Who is Misako?

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Who is Misako?

Misako, the renowned health artist and fitness and exercise specialist, has given over 100 talk sessions each year on her original program, Misako's Laughing Exercise! (http://www.egao-kensyu.com/), and over the past five years has appeared on over 100 TV and radio programs. Since April 2015, she has had her own monthly special to give health tips on an NHK Kansai program, and has published four books. Misako is now one of Japan's leading health instructors.

Who is Misako?

Books published by Misako

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After working as manager of a swimming school and gym, established Kidz Company Inc. jointly with Yuichi Sugino (now Representative Director of the company) to serve as a sports exercise designer.


Designed original aqua exercise "Fumi Fumi Aqua ®."


Designed "Table Tennis EX!"


Designed "Misako's Laughing Exercise!"


Designed "Rib Movement Exercise KaQiLa ®"
"Because I had a thyroidectomy in 1996, my metabolism is not automatically regulated, and I will need to take thyroid hormone drugs for the rest of my life. For five to six years after the operation, I would sometimes suddenly collapse, and I needed to figure out a way of maintaining my physical and mental health. I thought it would be wonderful if there could be an exercise method for everyone to enjoy, including people who aren't good at exercise or suffer from stiff muscles, physical disabilities, chronic pain on a daily basis, such as in their shoulders lower back, extreme sensitivity to cold, or edema. After years of study, I finally came up with a method that featured the new concept of 'moving the ribs' in 2009."


Announced "KaQiLa for Prevention of the Need for Long-Term Care ®," which she used to maintain her health as she lived with her ailment


While continuing to develop health exercises and providing training and guidance to health instructors, she now gives a total of more than 200 training sessions and health lectures each year for businesses, local administrative organs, gyms, and medical institutions. Her "Fumi Fumi Aqua ®" exercise enjoys high popularity and an excellent reputation among fitness instructors throughout Japan.

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